Spring 2017 Junior Competition Information

Spring 2017 Junior Competition Summary

Last Updated: Thursday 27th July 2017

  • The season will commence on Monday 16th October, 2017.

  • All games will be played at Boystown Oval Engadine. Click on the "Where do we play?" tab to the left for more details.

  • All games will be played on Monday afternoon's / evenings with game times allocated by age group;

Age Division Game Times
Under 6's From 5.30pm
Under 9's From 6pm
Under 12's From 6.45pm
Teen Tag From 6.45pm
  • Team, Individual and Group (not enough for a team) registrations will be accepted, with Groups and Individuals aggregated to form teams.

  • For the Spring 2017 Season we are offering Boys, Girls & Mixed Under 6's (5-6yrs), Under 9 (7-9yrs), Under 12 (10-12yrs) & Under 16 (13-16yrs/Teen Tag) competitions. Teams are grouped by year age / or size / maturity to form divisions, so that participants play in / against teams of similar stature.

  • The season will run for 14 Rounds, 12 Rounds played in a Round Robin followed by a Semi Final and Final for the top 4 teams in each division.

  • It is the policy of the Tag League Association that ALL rounds of the competition will be played, with provision made for season extension to allow for wet weather interruptions.

  • Individual Trophies will be awarded for the Winners, Medallions for Runners up in each division on Finals Day at a free catered function.

  • Click on the "Competition Entry" tab to the left for registration details. 

Spring 2017 Bosco Tag League Junior Competition Calendar

 Day of Week & Venue
Monday - Boystown Oval - Engadine
Divisions Available
Boys, Girls, Mixed - U6's, U9's, U12's, Teen Tag
 Registration Day 1  Monday 4th September 2017
 Registration Day 2  Tuesday 3rd October 2017
 Round 1  Monday 16th October 2017
 Round 2  Monday 23rd October 2017
 Round 3  Monday 30th October 2017
 Round 4
 Monday 6th November 2017
 Round 5
 Monday 13th November 2017
 Round 6
 Monday 20th November 2017
 Round 7
 Monday 27th November 2017
 Round 8  Monday 4th December 2017
 Round 9  Monday 11th December 2017
 Round 10  Monday 5th February 2018
 Round 11  Monday 12th February 2018
 Round 12  Monday 19th February 2018
 Semi-Final  Monday 26th February 2018
 Grand Final  Monday 5th March 2018
 Wet Weather Contingency 1  Monday 12th March 2018
 Wet Weather Contingency 2  Monday 19th March 2018
 Wet Weather Contingency 3  Monday 26th March 2018

For those unfamiliar with Junior Tag League, here's the key points to understand;

  • Persons aged 16 years or under are eligible to play, with 17 years and above considered seniors.

  • 8 players on the field per team (minimum of 5 to start a game).

  • Unlimited interchanges.

  • Kick-off to be unassisted (holding the ball is not permitted).

  • Only players are permitted to be on the field during the game.

  • Marker is not allowed in Junior U/9 competitions.

  • Dummy half cannot score in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12.

  • Dummy half cannot be tagged in possession in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12 (changeover will result).

  • Defensive line cannot move until first receiver or dummy half touches the ball in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12 (penalty will result).

  • Kicking in general play is not allowed in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12 (change over will result).

  • Kicking in general play permitted in Teen Tag.

  • Contact is not permitted in defence or attacking play in any age group.

  • In the under 9's, depending on the experience level, the session will start with some drills before a game is played.

  • There is no separate training, kids just show up and play each week.

  • The referee will guide teams in their first few games and will tighten up on rulings as they get more experienced.

  • Players must wear Tag League shorts which are available to buy at $25.00. Some other Tag sports shorts are acceptable, please check with the supervisor if you already have an alternate brand of shorts.

  • Numbered shirts of the same colour are optional for teams, but recommended. These are also available for purchase.

  • Suitable foot ware must be worn. Boots are not required. It is not permitted to play in bare feet.

  • The competition is a real competition. Games get scored and points allocated, with a results table showing the team standings.

  • An adult competition supervisor attends all rounds to manage the competition. Competent referees are provided for each field.

  • Balls and Tags are provided for each field.

  • A child may also be requested to play in an alternate age division if this is deemed appropriate for their size.

  • Click Here for a full set of rules for Junior Tag League Competitions.